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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Recycling Bottles

I bought a kiln this year. I will eventually be fusing glass, but at the recommendation of some of my fusing friends, I have started out slumping wine, beer and liquor bottles. The are really cool! They can be used as snack or cheese trays and beer bottles make good spoon rests.

It has helped me familiarize myself with the kiln. I know that it's going to take 5 hours for the program to run from start to finish. The hardest part is waiting for the kiln to completely cool down so the glass is room temperature. Have to wait until the next morning.

I guess the neighbors think we are lushes, there are boxes of bottles people have saved for us in the garage. The laundry room looks like a liquor store with cases of bottles stacked. At any rate, I'm having fun!