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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Welcome Sabrina!

Yesterday I adopted Sabrina at PetSmart. She is a small, solid black cat. Sabrina had been at PetSmart for over a month and had been there even before Miss Kitty got sick and had to be put to sleep. We have always had more than one cat, at one time we had four.

Sabrina is a different cat now that she's here. She was so happy checking out the rec room and laundry room yesterday. She has the whole couch to herself and has lots of room to roam around. Even a window ledge to sit on and watch the birds outside. She will get to come upstairs in a few days after she has had time to acclimate. I am introducing her to Randy slowly. He's not pleased with me right now.

I got a nice email from the lady who had rescued Sabrina last year. It seems Sabrina's owner had left her at the apartment complex when they moved. She didn't get along with her rescuer's cat, so they took her to the New Leash On Life shelter where she ended up at PetSmart. I think I'm lucky to have found her.

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Lori R. said...

Sabrina looks like a wonderful furry child that is happy in her new surroundings! I just love when people rescue pets and both are happy!