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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


On my way home this morning, I saw two dead kittens who had been hit by cars on a remote stretch of road, where they had evidently been dropped. They looked to be no more than 3 months old. It breaks my heart that these little guys never had a chance. I only hope there aren't litter mates still nearby having to fend for themselves.

I get angry when I see abandoned animals. There is no excuse for it. There are low-cost spay and neuter clinics available. All one has to do is call their local Humane Association or animal shelter. In Tennessee, there are several mobile clinics that travel to neighboring counties, as requested. If one can show need, it can be done free of charge.

It is unbelievable how many dogs and cats are being abandoned today. Whole litters of puppies and kittens turned out. Pregnant, old, young, large and small. Even more are being euthanized because the shelters are full. There is no need to bring more animals into the world when there are so many available for adoption. The 3 little girls in the photo are waiting for a home. They were abandoned.

Please, spay and neuter your pets!


Glassprimitif said...

they look so sweet! I hope they find a new home together. Our dog would adore them.

rachel neil said...

What beautiful cats you have.
I love cats of all kinds.