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Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring Planting

Spring is finally here! I bought a flat of Calibrachoa (Million Bells) for hanging baskets. I also bought some Better Boy and Early Girl tomato plants, bell pepper plants and some annual herbs. Our garden hasn't been tilled yet, but I can't wait to try out the new mini-tiller we bought. I plan on expanding the garden this year to include eggplant, yellow crookneck squash and Italian green beans.

My pink tree peony has lots of buds ready to bloom. Hopefully they will get to bloom this year. Last spring we had a hard freeze in late April and it ruined all my peonies and irises. After the drought last year, I was afraid that there wouldn't be many blooms, but so far it has been beautiful and lush.

I have been enjoying getting my hands into the dirt. I have transplanted several azaleas and rhododendrons from our front yard to the shade under the oak trees so we can redo the front yard. My muscles ache from digging up shrubs, but I am extremely happy to be outdoors and gardening.

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I'm listening, you are not alone!