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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Made Up My Mind

After thinking about and considering my alternatives, I have decided to cut back on my stained glass work. I will be concentrating more on the mosaics. For the past year, I have been having problems with arthritis in my hands. Some days I can barely make a fist and the affected fingers ache like they've been whacked with a hammer. It is especially bad in the winter after I've been out in the cold. Foiling glass is almost impossible when my hands are stiff and I am not satisfied with anything but my best.

I will still make my 3D butterfly plant stakes and some of the snowflakes with the bevels. No more small suncatchers with tiny pieces and absolutely nothing with foiled marbles or glass nuggets. My thumbs hurt just thinking about foiling a marble!

At first, I was disappointed. Then I was angry that the only joints with arthritis are in my hands. I wasn't ready to admit it was time to move on to something I could manage. I'll admit I haven't made much for about a year. But, I'm ready to move on and take another direction.

I have completed the pattern for a stained glass panel for a friend's birthday in March. It's two parrots in the jungle and will look great in his bathroom window. Sort of my last hurrah in stained glass.

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