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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Reflections of My Life

I just heard that song by Marmalade and it seems relevant to the thoughts that I always have as the year ends. This year has been a wild ride. Some crazy stuff has happened. Like twisting an ankle chasing a dog, falling and ending up having surgery. Of course, ignoring the injury and continuing to plant 24 (5 gallon) shrubs and shoveling 2 trailer loads of mulch didn't help, either. My very first surgery. But the recovery was quick, but it did teach me that taking a break is an option. I don't have to do everything right now, this minute. I truly enjoyed the summer because I did slow down. And I did get the front yard re-landscaped, all by myself.

There were frustrations - the jet ski still doesn't run right even after $300 worth of repairs. We had some successes - our house is now paid in full! We had our physicals and are healthy. That is a relief! Something to look forward to - I found a new site to sell my stained glass on, Artfire, which is shaping up to be very promising. In 6 months we will be debt free. Dave Ramsey will be proud. Married for 35 years, now that's a milestone!

All in all, this year hasn't been bad, even with the recession. I'm a friggin' genius because I said a year ago we were in a recession! But, I am truly thankful for what we have. We have worked hard for a long time. And even though our boys have gone their separate ways, we are still close. It's been a pretty good year. And I feel very fortunate.

Merry Christmas!!

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